SuperTeam Games to create blockchain sports games with a new $10M fund

The tour, led by Griffin Gaming Partners, was supported by many participants.
SuperTeam Games seed fund
SuperTeam Games raised $10 million from the seed funding round.

California-based indie game studio SuperTeam Games has announced that it has raised $10 million in seed funding for cross-platform sports games.

The funding round was led by Santa Monica-based leading venture fund Griffin Gaming Partners. Additionally, the tour was supported by Powerhouse Capital and Michael Eisner, a CEO at Disney in the past.

Griffin General Manager Peter Levin, who will also be on the company’s Board of Directors with the investment, made the following comments:

 “We look for the rare combination of innovative thinking, operational expertise and industry knowledge that typically underpins success, and are delighted to have found it in the SuperTeam Games leadership team of industry expert founders… Web3 and blockchain technology brings new monetization and digital asset ownership to players, which we believe is one of the most important technical advancements in the history of games.”

Founded by four names with many experiences in the past, the common point of SuperTeam Games Founders is that they worked at Glu Mobile in the past.

Jerome Collin, who served as CEO of the company, was Vice President of Glu Mobile for almost five years. Mike Saperstein, who sits in the chair of Product Development, served as Technical Director at Glu Mobile for seven years.

Other Founders are Andre Taube, a Technology Director at many companies, including Glu Mobile in the past, and Sam Sheth, who has worked at companies such as Firebase Industries and Electronic Arts.

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