Supremacy Games brings real car NFTs to the new racing game

For racing games, Supremacy Games took action. NFT cars will be developed in accordance with real-world production numbers and appearances.
Real car NFTs are coming.

Finnish game studio Supremacy Games is keeping up with the rising trend of NFTs. The company plans to bring real cars into the game as NFTs for the upcoming play-to-earn racing game.

Apex Kings NFT Racing will be a game where users accumulate real car NFTs. The car NFTs that will be brought into the game will be parallel to the real world. For example, the more a car is produced in the real world, the same number of NFTs that car will have.

With real car NFTs, the company wants to connect players to the real world and create a real sense of ownership. Founded in 2020, Helsinki-based Supremacy Games had previously released two games called Jane Austen’s Merge Romance and Race Team Rivals. The studio also has a collection of 2500 NFTs for Race Team Rivals on OpenSea.

Jari Pauna, CEO of Supremacy Games, made the following statement on the subject:

“Our aim is to create the definitive play and earn racing game for the metaverse. This is much more than your regular car game. Apex Kings NFT Racing players can purchase, race, and trade supercars, classic cars, rally cars, and all varieties of regular cars. This creates a meaningful incentive to grow the player’s garage with interesting cars.”

It is not yet known which car companies Supremacy Games have signed an agreement. The company said it had “secured the interest of some companies” on the matter. Regarding the issue, Pauna said:

“Working with huge global brands is exciting and we can’t wait to announce all the titles we have in the pipeline. We aim to create games where the NFT functionality gives true value to the players and fits perfectly with the brands.”

Based on this statement, it is possible to say that the company will soon announce its collaborations with brands. If Supremacy Games manages to get the support of major auto companies, it can make a breakthrough in the industry.

Supremacy Games’in proje ile ilgili olarak yayınladığı video

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