Take-Two Interactive terminates its publishing deal with People Can Fly

The work-in-progress Project Dagger’s development and publishing agreement deal has been terminated by the publisher.
Take Two Interactive and People Can Fly Logos

Polish video game developer People Can Fly announced that Take-Two Interactive canceled the development and publishing contract for the studio’s upcoming interactive-adventure title Project Dagger. The Polish game maker, however, said the two companies are parting ways on good terms and they may work with Take-Two on other projects in the future.

People Can Fly shared the news via its official website, stating that it received a letter from the GTA publisher terminating their contract for the Project Dagger, which the duo have been working together for approximately two years. Per the Polish Studio’s words, it keeps the IP since Take-Two didn’t make any efforts to buy it out and will continue to work on the project on its own.

Sebastian Wojciechowski, CEO of People Can Fly commented on this unexpected news with the following words:

“I assume we will part on good terms, and I don’t see reasons why we couldn’t work with Take-Two on some other project in the future. We strongly believe in Project Dagger’s potential and are now committed to continuing its development within our self-publishing pipeline.

“The game is still in pre-production – our team is now focusing on closing combat and game loops and migrating from UE4 to UE5. I’m conscious that this decision will add investments to us, but self-publishing is part of our strategy. Of course, we are not ruling out working with a new publisher if this creates a compelling business opportunity.”

Wojciechowski mentions that the title is still in pre-production hence they have a lot of wiggle room to change the project as they see fit and their immediate goal is to migrate to Unreal Engine 5 (from UE4).

The Polish video gaming entity is working on seven different projects at the moment; Gemini (with Square Enix), Bifrost and Victoria (these two will be self-published by People Can Fly). It also has a project dubbed Red, but this one is in the concept phase.

The studio is also developing two other projects in VR technology, one called Green Hell VR and another “new project based on one of the IPs from the Group’s portfolio.”

People Can Fly is the studio behind Outriders, an online coop shooter that failed to make a profit.

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