Outfit7’s Talking Tom is now 10 years old; franchise crossed 13B downloads!

Outfit7 is celebrating the birthday of one of the iconic mobile games, Talking Tom. The first game of the franchise came out in July 2010. In other words, Tom is now 10 years old! Time flies for sure but Outfit7’s franchise is still going. In a press release sent to Mobidictum, we knew that the franchise has surpassed 13 billion game downloads. That’s a huge milestone for the company. Furthermore, Outfit7 is celebrating the 10th-anniversary event that is called “POK-A-TOM” in four of Tom’s most popular games: Talking Tom Cat, My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, and My Talking Tom Friends. The challenge is simple, players should poke Tom 10 billion times in 10 days.

Talking Tom games have over 400 million monthly players

Xinyu Qian, CEO of Outfit7 said the following in the press release:

Fans have poked Tom almost too many times to count since 2010. Over 400 million fans play with the games every month. We wanted them to be included in the celebration by doing more of what they love – and getting fun rewards to enjoy with Tom in return!

Tom inspired Talking Tom and Friends franchise which now includes 23 mobile games. That’s not all though, it also inspired digital video content which has crossed 56 billion views. There’s even a movie in the works! The original Talking Tom Cat game was named as one of Android’s “Most Downloaded Games of All Time”. But through all the success one thing has stayed the same – fans love poking Tom.

Talking Tom In case you didn’t know, the first-ever game in the franchise was created by eight people in a garage. They bought the 3D model of a tall cat for $90 and that’s how Outfit7’s star came to life. By the time of writing, Outfit7 now has several global offices and over 350 people working in it. He also acted with the award-winning actress and Hollywood superstar Jennifer Garner in the 2016 comedy movie, ​Nine Lives.

Snippets of an interview with the man, we mean the cat itself

When you made your debut in the Talking Tom Cat game back in 2010, you became an overnight sensation! How did that feel?

It. Was. AWESOME! It seemed like in the blink of an eye, I made millions and millions of new best friends. They said funny things to me and I repeated it all back to them. We had so much fun! And, man, they LOVED to poke me. I did all sorts of funny reactions to make them laugh. We had great times together in that game – and now so many other ones too!

So with all that success, how does it feel to be now celebrating your 10th anniversary?

It’s been so cool to look back over everything we’ve done over the past 10 years. I mean, our games now have over 13 billion downloads! That’s more than there are people on the planet! But this celebration is really, really special. I get to celebrate with all my friends around the world, and we get to do more of what we love… POKING! The POK-A-TOM challenge is about getting 10 billion pokes in 10 days. It brings all my friends together in four really great games – Talking Tom Cat, My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, and My Talking Tom Friends. And at the end, if we complete the challenge, all my friends get an in-game currency bundle to enjoy in the games! It’s a win, win, win, win – friends, fun, games, and celebration. What’s not to love about that?

From all of us at Mobidictum, happy birthday Tom and congratulations to Outfit7!

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