Tapjoy launches a new market research solution called MobileVoice

Tapjoy aims to empower brands, marketers, and researchers to get authentic responses from real people.
tapjoy launches mobilevoice

Tapjoy, one of the leading mobile advertising, and app monetization companies, announced MobileVoice, a global market research solution that delivers the deepest, most authentic insights about the attitudes, preferences, and behaviors of today’s mobile consumers. MobileVoice upends the traditional market research industry by creating the largest, highest-quality, and most accessible mobile panel available anywhere, and by giving a voice to millions of mobile-first consumers who have opinions to share.  

Jeff Drobick, CEO of Tapjoy has commented:

“Even though mobile devices have completely transformed the modern lifestyle, the market research industry has yet to adjust to the way people consume media in the mobile era, and therefore it remains rife with inefficiencies. MobileVoice reimagines the entire market research industry in order to adapt to the shifting values and attitudes of today’s consumers. It provides brands and market researchers with a premium survey solution that taps into our value exchange model to provide a high-quality experience for users, along with in-depth mobile insights for brands, across what we believe will become one of the largest global, mobile panels in the world.”

MobileVoice unlocks an entirely new audience for brands and market researchers by leveraging Tapjoy’s opt-in, choice-driven value exchange model, which rewards consumers for their engagement with mobile games and applications. The MobileVoice panel consists of over 50 million active users from nearly 200 countries within the Tapjoy network—many of whom are not part of traditional survey panels, but who are eager to express their opinions in exchange for relevant in-app rewards. Tapjoy’s unique value exchange model creates a fair and balanced ecosystem in which the interests of brands, researchers, publishers, and consumers are fully aligned. 


At launch, MobileVoice delivers custom surveys to help brands and market researchers understand the demographic and psychographic characteristics driving their target audience’s behaviors. It also has custom API integrations that allow Tapjoy to connect research agencies to thousands of surveys in real-time while reducing resources spent through efficiency and automation. Additional potential future features include Brand & Campaign Health, to help marketers understand how audiences perceive their brand and to gauge the impact of ad campaigns on awareness, affinity, and other metrics; Audience Activation, to allow marketers to utilize survey insights to create dynamic segments on the Tapjoy ad platform; and App Monetization, a survey-based offerwall SDK enabling app developers to drive additional incremental revenue.

Katy Mallinos, Director of Supply at Lucid said:

“Tapjoy’s reach is truly remarkable, but perhaps equally impressive is the consistent quality of the research sample MobileVoice produces from its vast global network. The MobileVoice team is an important Lucid partner and has proven to be nimble and responsive to the needs of Lucid Marketplace buyers.”

The offering currently comes with built-in functionality including: 

  • Global Reach: MobileVoice can deliver first-party data on 50+ million monthly active users in 200 countries across 20,000 high-rated mobile apps, unlocking demand throughout the world. 
  • Data Quality Assurance: On top of its opt-in, choice-driven model, which naturally ensures authentic responses, MobileVoice employs quality checks including IP geo-location, ID-verification, double opt-in registration, and others. 
  • Dynamic Pricing: Tapjoy’s dynamic exchange lets researchers dictate their own pricing based on proprietary goals and survey requirements. 
  • Dedicated Account Management: All researchers are assigned an expert account manager to advise on survey creation, price bidding, campaign optimization and results analysis. 
  • Proven Performance: MobileVoice generates over 200,000 daily survey starts. 

Despite being valued at more than $73 billion dollars*, the market research industry is susceptible to market imbalances. The industry has been slow to adopt a mobile-first mindset that represents the modern era of media consumption. With consumer expectations shifting and people spending more time than ever on their mobile devices, market researchers are looking for better ways to reach authentic audiences who are properly incentivized to offer real, honest answers.

To learn more about MobileVoice or get started running surveys, brands and market researchers can visit www.tapjoy.com/market-research.

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