Teamfight Tactics surpasses 4.5 million downloads on mobile

by Ragid Hallak

Teamfight Tactics is Riot Games’ take on the popular auto battler genre. It’s based in the League of Legends universe, Riot’s most and PC’s most popular video game. The title which was out originally on computers in summer 2019 got downloaded 3.6 million times across the App Store and Google Play in the seven days following its March 19 release. Also, by the time of writing,  it was installed by more than 4.5 million players worldwide.

Teamfight Tactics installs were higher than other games in the genre

According to Sensor Tower, Teamfight Tactics saw 3.6 more installs in its first week compared to Dragonest’s Auto Chess: Origin. It was the genre’s first game on mobile. It also saw a 5.3x more installs than Tencent’s (Riot’s parent company) Chess Rush during the same period of time. Valve’s Dota Underlords is one of the biggest and most successful games in the genre on PC but on mobile, it was not. Underlords downloads reached 105,000 in its launch week while Teamfight Tactics surpassed 3.6M downloads in its first seven days. Auto Chess: Origin reached 1 million downloads globally. Chess Rush was downloaded 680K times in its launch week.

Teamfight TacticsFurthermore, Sensor Tower’s report shows that mobile auto chess titles have traditionally seen their greatest amount of user spending originate from Asia. However, Teamfight Tactics is already the second-best-performing auto chess title behind Auto Chess: Origin in terms of U.S. user spending. That’s why there’s a strong chance that Riot will dominate the market. By the end of the report, the company said.

While Teamfight Tactics’ early performance suggests it may also be a bigger mobile earner in Asia. The relatively larger number of U.S. installs seen by the game in its first week suggests that it has a better chance of breaking into the North American market than its competitors.

What’s next for Riot Games?

Lately, the team announced many different projects but their latest one is Valorant. An upcoming free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter for PC. Will it be another hit? Only time will tell.

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