Technicolor Creative Studios becomes independent, trades on the Paris Euronext stock exchange for $1 billion

The now-publicly traded company states that the next goal is expanding in the market, gaming included.
Technicolor Creative Studios logo over a colorful background

Technicolor Creative Studios has announced that it has become an independent company after distributing 65% of its shares to Technicolor shareholders and listing on Euronext Paris. The company was previously a division of Technicolor SA and states that it will continue working on films, TV shows, games, and advertising.

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The Technicolor Creative Studios brand name will carry four studios under its wing: MPC, The Mill, Mikros Animation, and Technicolor Games. Reportedly, the company has over 11,700 employees in 11 countries and plans to expand further to meet market demands.

The press release also states that the company will open a new campus in Los Angeles, Culver City, to gather its studios in one location, along with a Virtual Production stage and a Creators Hub.

President at Technicolor Games, Jeaneane Falkler, had these comments about the recent developments:

“The Technicolor Creative Studios spin-off allows us to invest even more in growing the Technicolor Games footprint, talent roster, and suite of service lines. There is a growing client demand for content that blurs the lines between gaming, entertainment, and marketing that we are perfectly placed to deliver and collaborate on alongside The Mill, MPC, and Mikros Animation. As part of this network of creative studios, we will provide a suite of in-house full-service production across games IP, from in-game assets to feature-length film.”

Christian Roberton, CEO of Technicolor Creative Studios, also shared thoughts and sentiments:

“My ambition is to build the world’s most successful visual arts company. We believe our legacy of innovation and creativity is our foundation for the future, and the success of our studios will rely on continued investment in cutting-edge technology, the world’s best talent, and our ongoing relationships with major entertainment studios and brands.”

Technicolor has been a leading name in the film industry since its establishment in 1915. Technicolor Creative Studios, as a branch, was involved in various massive projects in gaming, such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, FIFA, and NBA 2K.

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