Tencent has troubled times with Honor of Kings

The new controversy in China is Tencent’s popular game.
tencent honor of kings
Tencent has been sued for Honor of Kings, which has millions of players.

Tencent is having a bad day due to the lawsuit filed against Honor of Kings, which is very popular in Asia and has millions of players.

Tencent sued over a character and in-game systems

According to a report by Reuters, the Chinese public interest group known as Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research has claimed that certain uses of the popular MOBA game are not suitable for young children. Evidence and documents on the subject were submitted to the court on 1 June 2021.

Tencent stated that in 2017, Honor of Kings, which had an age limit for 18 and over, was also reduced to 12 years and under a few months ago. In-game lottery, lottery, etc. There are also concerns that the systems will have a negative impact on young children.

Actually, there are not many details about the case. In other words, it was not clearly explained which characters or in-game systems the charges were related to. However, it was claimed that a character in the plaintiff group’s group on China’s social media platform WeChat wore low-cut clothes and had an expression in his name that would harm China’s history.

In the statement made by the plaintiff, the following statements were included: “The visual design of the game characters is very clear and there is a lot of pornographic and vulgar content on the website that is not suitable for the reading of minors in the community. The game characters tarnished the image of historical figures and trampled traditional culture.”

There has been some discussion recently about age restrictions in video games in China. In fact, an official institution stated that a new age restriction system would come soon. As well as Tencent, players follow the developments on the subject.

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