Tencent new target in tech wars between America and China

Tencent has become the new target in tech wars.
Tencent WeChat
Tencent’s WeChat application is banned in the USA.

The tech wars between America and China are growing. Tencent has become Trump‘s new target in this battle. No one knows how long this war will last.

Trump continues his recent ban on Chinese companies. The new goal of the president of the United States was to ban WeChat. The app, which is owned by Tencent, also directly affects Tencent’s gaming activities in America. That’s why this ban had created a significant crisis in the gaming industry.

However, the crisis did not last too long. Because according to LA Times reporter Sam Dean, a White House official has confirmed that the executive order only blocks WeChat-related transactions, meaning that Tencent’s video games businesses remain unaffected.

Nevertheless, there is still a situation where Tencent’s gaming activities in America are negatively affected by this process. For now, no one knows anything clearly about the scope of these prohibitions.

While all these discussions are ongoing, no statement has made from Riot Games and Epic Games, Tencent’s most significant investments in America.

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