Tencent sets up $100M global fund to fight coronavirus

by Ragid Hallak

Tencent, the Chinese giant is doing its part when it comes to fighting coronavirus (COVID-19). The pandemic that affected all of us and the industries we love is not stopping soon. That’s why the Chinese company launched a $100 million global Anti-Pandemic fund to support the fight against COVID-19. The generated fund will focus on sourcing and donating of medical supplies like personal equipment and other essential products.

Tencent: “This is a critical moment that calls for global collaboration”

Martin Lau, the president of the company said the following in a statement:

COVID-19 is drastically impacting people around the world. We are facing this challenge together and Tencent is committed to supporting the international emergency response. Based on the experience in China and feedback collected from hospitals around the world, we recognize there is an urgent need for PPEs and other medical supplies, particularly at the onset of the pandemic, when traditional supply channels cannot meet the sudden surge in need. By donating these supplies, we hope to help protect front-line medical professionals and workers who are fighting tirelessly and selflessly for all of us. This is a critical moment that calls for global collaboration.

TencentBack in February 2020, Tencent also announced a China Anti-Pandemic Fund to support the fight against coronavirus. Total donated money to medical supplies and other things were RMB 1.5 billion (approximately US$211 million). Every country in the world needs more medical supplies, that’s why we at Mobidicutm thank the company for helping them.

The company is the number one publisher

Recently, the popular analytical company published its report about the 2020 top mobile publishers by revenue. Unsurprisingly, Tencent was the world’s top mobile publisher. Also, last week the company shared its 2019 annual report. the company’s total profit through the year was RMB 377 billion ($54.1 billion), up 21% year-over-year where it was RMB 312.7 billion ($44 billion) in 2018. You can read more about it by clicking here.

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