Tenjin has been named mobile measurement partner to HUAWEI Ads

Tenjin partners with Huawei Ads.
tenjin partners with huawei ads

Tenjin, the leading mobile marketing measurement platform for small and medium-sized app developers and publishers, has been appointed as an official HUAWEI Ads measurement partner. This makes Tenjin a Huawei-approved platform, empowering app marketers to optimize their user acquisition among Huawei device and app users with the help of Tenjin’s powerful attribution and analytics platform.


Tenjin’s best-in-class tools and comprehensive training for innovative mobile gaming app developers and marketers empower them to track the performance of app install campaigns by retention, revenue, ROI, and other key metrics on a granular level. Advertisers on HUAWEI Ads will be informed and supported to make vital strategic decisions about the direction of their ad campaigns. 

HUAWEI Ads is the service provided by Huawei to advertising partners, building bridges to Huawei device users so that these partners can provide valuable information and quality services for users. It supports display ads, search ads, and ads on HUAWEI AppGallery. It delivers a broad array of mainstream ad formats, including native, banner, and rewarded ads. 

Christopher Farm - CEO, and Co-Founder of Tenjin
Christopher Farm – CEO, and Co-Founder of Tenjin

Christopher Farm, CEO, and Co-Founder of Tenjin, commented: 

“We’re excited to be working with HUAWEI Ads as a measurement partner, supporting marketers to optimize their campaigns with install attribution, ROI, and LTV data. With more than 730 million Huawei device users around the world and HUAWEI AppGallery being the Top 3 App market in the world, the opportunities for marketers are immense. Statistics show that advertising budgets invested in the Android ecosystem have continued to rise since the release of iOS14.5, meaning there’s never been a better time to publish in what we currently call ‘alternative’ app stores, but which will soon be central to every marketing campaign.”

David Liu, Director of HUAWEI Consumer Cloud Service Open Platform Business Dept, commented:

“We are happy to welcome Tenjin into the HUAWEI Ads partnership program. We believe that this partnership will help advertisers and app developers from all over the world scale their business”

Tenjin clients can contact their account managers with questions on how to start tracking their HUAWEI Ads campaigns. New customers can request a free demo or sign up for a free account at www.tenjin.com

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