The 4 Winds Entertainment Partners with NetEase to publish Eggy Go

The 4 Winds Entertainment partners with NetEase Games to publish the upcoming party game Eggy Go in a number of territories.
Eggy Go avatar looking ready for a round of game
Eggy Go is an upcoming mobile party game.

The 4 Winds Entertainment (T4W) announces a publishing partnership with NetEase to launch an upcoming mobile party game dubbed Eggy Go. The game will be released in EMEA, Australasia, India, LATAM, and North America.

We don’t know much about Eggy Go just yet, but the official press release mentions the game being a party mobile game that supports up to 32 players per match. The game’s core mechanics are based on having strong social features and both companies are sure the upcoming title will be a hit, based on the closed beta tests they’ve performed across the globe.

The game will launch on May 26th in China, and other markets will follow later, however, the press release doesn’t mention a set-in-stone release date for the rest of the world. T4W says they’ll announce the official release date soon.

Steven Huot, the CEO of the T4W said:

Since its start, The 4 Winds Entertainment has been on a mission to provide high-quality gaming entertainment from the best worldwide developers to Opportunity Markets and the rest of the globe. We found the right partner, one that shares our excitement and is more than up for the task. NetEase Games is an excellent choice, collaborating with us to create an outstanding game for iOS and Android.

NetEase Games says Eggy Go is one of their most anticipated mobile games coming up this year and they’re excited to release the title worldwide as soon as possible. The game will allow players to design their own maps, coming with full workshop support.

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