The most popular and recent blockchain games

According to data from DappRadar, Splinterlands was the most popular blockchain game, entering 2021 with around 8,000 active unique users per day.
NFT Splinterlands
The best entry to 2021 was Splinterlands.

Splinterlands has for a while regained its top spot, thanks to the tremendous success of its SPS airdrop and stake features. The game, which has 350 thousand daily active users as of today, has recently reached one million registered users. The only obstacle preventing it from maintaining its position at the top is the very successful NFT game Alien Worlds being brought back to life.

Splinterlands, which has received great acclaim with its recently renewed interface and provides ease of use, has enabled the number of daily users to jump from 250 thousand to 350 thousand with this move. In addition, the long-term plans and mission announced by the company in this user increase are thought to be related to the increase. Post-increase Splinterlands earned the title of being the most popular blockchain game in early October 2021.

On the other hand, CryptoBlades, which has exceeded the level of 400 thousand daily active users, has decreased to 10 thousand daily active users in a short time. In this process, the game’s crypto money SKILL token fell to the bottom levels by losing 92% of its value from the peak of $184 per unit on July 24.

Animoca Brands’ ARC8 is not exactly a game, but it is on DappRadar’s chart with its quick entry to the list. The future of the platform, which has managed to attract a very competitive number of users recently, is a matter of curiosity in the industry.

The most popular NFT games
The list of NFT games with large audiences has been experiencing activity recently.

Looking at some games with smaller audiences, there was less action in September. Upland maintained an audience of between 40,000 and 30,000 daily active unique users, while Axie Infinity‘s in-chain activity fell from July peaks. The chart cannot contain all of Axie Infinity’s data, as the vast majority of its players also conduct financial transactions outside of the blockchain.

The most popular NFT games
Farmers World made a name for itself by making a good debut.

A newcomer to the chart is Farmers Worlds, an NFT farming game running on Binance Smart Chain. The rapidly rising game exceeded 40,000 daily active users in September.

The most invested blockchain game companies

Including this news, the amount collected by the companies from their investment series are as follows:

  • Sorare: $783 million
  • Dapper Labs: $607 million
  • Forte: $185 million
  • Sky Mavis: $161 million
  • Animoca Brands: $156 million
  • OpenSea: $123 million
  • Mythical Games: $120 million
  • Immutable: $77 million
  • IMVU/Together Lab: $35 million
  • Enjin: $23 million
  • Yield Guild Gaming: $22 million
  • Thirdverse: $20 million
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