TikTok owner ByteDance made $1 Billion from mobile games past year

ByteDance’s mobile games generated over $1 billion in one year with 139 million downloads, per Sensor Tower data.
ByteDance Games
ByteDance’s portfolio of mobile games continues to grow.

While ByteDance is commonly associated with its extremely popular social media app TikTok, the company also expanded into publishing mobile games worldwide and they seem to be doing just fine having earned $1 Billion in the past 12 months. The games published by the Chinese internet company have seen more than 139 million downloads combined.

The data comes from Sensor Tower, but the data provider notes that “Their estimations don’t mobile ad revenue or player spending from third-party Android stores, such as the ones that are available in China”.

Most downloaded ByteDance Games

Indonesia is the number one ranked country for the most downloads, China (App Store only) and the Philippines came second and third respectively.

Sensor Tower’s report says the publisher’s most successful game is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with 78 million downloads, accounting for 56% of all downloads ByteDance has seen in the past year.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation takes second place in terms of downloads followed by Sweet Crossing: Snake.io.

Most revenues generated ByteDance Games

Japan continues to be a strong market for the mobile games industry. The data shows Japan as the largest market for ByteDance’s mobile games, generating 34% of the total revenue the company’s games made in the last year. China is ranked second place in this category as well, and the USA follows as the third most lucrative market for ByteDance.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is again topping the charts, generating $317.7 million, which is about 32% of player spending on ByteDance’s titles. Girls Chronicle: Idle Heroine (a hit in Japan) and Mobile Legends: Adventure are the other two big money-makers for the Chinese company.

One side note to mention here is that ByteDance acquired Moonton and C4 Connect, the former is the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and the latter is the studio behind Girls Chronicle: Idle Heroine.

Another challenger in the mobile games market is Netflix, and per Sensor Tower’s data, Netflix’s mobile games generated 13 million downloads worldwide thus far and counting.

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