Tilting Point announces the acquisition of AN Games

Tilting Point announced that it has acquired Korean developer AN Games.
Tilting Point AN Games
Tilting Point announced that it has acquired AN Games.

Tilting Point announced that it has acquired a majority stake in Korean mobile game developer AN Games.

With this acquisition, Tilting Point will help the developer’s successful games grow, including AstroKings. According to the statement made in VentureBeat regarding the news, AN Games will continue to work on new games independently after the purchase.

The acquisition marks Tilting Point’s first breakthrough in accelerating its progressive publishing model since its $235 million investment in July 2021.

AN Games has over two decades of experience in Sci-Fi strategy games that appeal to Eastern and Western gamers. The current portfolio of games includes the worldwide hits AstroNest: The Beginning and ASTROKINGS and Astro & Girls, which were only released in Japan and Taiwan.

Samir Agili, CEO and Chairman of Tilting Point, made the following comments about the acquisition;

“AN Games’ team has mastered the 4X strategy genre over the past twenty years, and built both an extremely talented team and an engine which is ideal for integrating IPs. The acquisition of AN Games is proof of our Progressive Publishing model, where we successfully grew ASTROKINGS, then merged operations so that we can pursue co-development opportunities and further enhance our publishing across Asia to reach new players.”

The Tilting Point platform will advance relationships with established partners through its developer network to further accelerate and elevate developer success. This acquisition will provide AN Games with even more opportunities. Tilting Point will leverage AN Games’ streaming capabilities in Asia to bring more games from its portfolio to the region.

AN Games CEO Hwan-gi Kim gave the following words in his speech about the acquisition;

“Arriving at a co-development stage has been a natural progression of our relationship. We admire and trust the Tilting Point expertise and look forward to being able to grow our studio’s impact even further.”

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