Tilting Point buys Playtech’s Plamee Studios and FTX Games

Tilting Points acquired Disruptor Beam’s Star Trek: Timelines and today the company announced a new acquisition. As the headline read, Tilting Point, a leading free-to-play game publisher acquired mobile games and assets from Playtech plc. Furthermore, this means that the company now owns FTX Games, which is known for publishing Narcos: Cartel Wars, The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots, and Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game. Furthermore, it also owns Plamee Studios now, the developers behind Narcos: Cartel Wars.

Tilting Point has already taken over operations

In a new press release, the company announced that it already took over all of FTX’s live games’ operation. Also, it took over the production of another unannounced title that still in development. FTX Games have worked on titles that tens-of-millions of players love like The Hunger Games, Mission: Impossible, Criminal Minds, Narcos, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead. Their game, Narcos: Cartel War which is based on Netflix’s series and developed by Plamee  is a major hit. The game has earned more than $60 million in revenue since it launched. Tilting Point is working on another game based on the series called Narcos: Idle Cartel. By this acquisition, TP is not the only publisher of the only two Narcos mobile games on the market.

Tilting Point

“This has been an exciting time as momentum continues to build for Tilting Point,” said Kevin Segalla, CEO, Tilting Point. “FTX, Plamee, and the great games they’ve made are an excellent addition to the growing Tilting Point family. For us, the acquisition of strong studios is a natural progression as we continue to grow our publishing business.”

Both companies have “very similar DNA”

Samir El Agili, president of the company said the following in the press release:

Playtech has put together an impressive and highly successful free to play mobile game business. At Tilting Point, we share very similar DNA and expertise in bringing great brands to mobile. We are thrilled to be able to give the companies that made up that business a home as Playtech refocuses on its core business.

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