Tilting Point buys Star Trek: Timelines from Disruptor Beam

Star Trek Timelines

Today, Tilting Point announced its acquisition of Star Trek: Timelines from its original creator Disruptor Beam. Furthermore, the company formed a new studio in Boston called Wicked Realms Games. The new studio has 19 key developers from Disruptor Beam including CTO David Cham who will be the studio’s head. As a result, Tilting Point will fully own Star Trek: Timelines and control it internally.

The mobile RPG game has more than 8 million downloads

Star Trek: Timelines has more than eight million downloads as we said, it also made more than one hundred million to date. In an interview with GamesBeat, Tilting Point CEO Kevin Segalla said:

We’re very excited about this acquisition of Star Trek: Timelines. It’s a phenomenal game. And we see an opportunity to take the game and add more resources to help make it better. We’ve extended the license on it, and we’re adding new content, including the newest show Star Trek: Picard, which is great.

Star Trek Timelines
An artwork from the game.

Tilting Point has been a partner with Disruptor Beam since late 2017, it started handing sales, distribution, and marketing since October 2018. After the deal, the former owner will shift its resources on its free to play platform, Disruptor Engine. Jon Radoff, Disruptor Beam CEO said that Tilting Point will be of their first customers.

The new studio will focus on Star Trek: Timelines

Wicked Realm Games will use all of its focus on the game. They are planning to release new content when the TV series Star Trek: Picard comes out next month. This is not the first major acquisition for Tilting Point, they were highly active for the past year. In June and July 2019, it committed to a combined $50 million in user acquisition spending to Mino Games’ Cat Game and CookApps’ Toy Party. Also in October last year, it bought the monetization firm Gondola for an undisclosed amount.

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