Tilting Point supported user acquisition by raising $235 million

Tilting Point has taken a big step.

Tilting Point has raised a total of $235 million to support user acquisition processes for free-to-play mobile games. Kevin Segalla, Founder, and CEO of Tilting Point, said for this investment round, “It’s a solid stepping stone for Tilting Point’s progressive publishing model.”

Tilting Point
Tilting Point

At its core, Tilting Point stays in a relationship by providing game developers with user acquisition budgets. There were times when they borrowed up to $132 million a year within their line of credit, and they used that money to feed advertisements for their games by game developers who made too many promises. As the game increases its revenues, Tilting Point also receives a dividend from the revenue from the growth. This allows the company to work with developers who are already seeing massive growth, rather than trying to pick winners from a much larger field of small developers. If the relationship goes well, Tilting Point can invest in the said game studio and help him get started on his next game.

However, Segalla noted that the company has deep relationships with 40 developers within the current campaign. Ultimately, if things get to the top, Tilting Point will have completely won over some developers. The company is currently acquiring companies such as Gondola, Star Trek Timelines, FTX Games, and Plamee.

Kevin Segalla and Samir Agili are the CO-CEOs -of Tilting Point)
Kevin Segalla and Samir Agili (CO-CEOs – Tilting Point)

Segalla made the following comments on the subject:

“We work really hard to build a great company. We preloaded the company. We have not received any outside investment until this investment. And we felt now was the right time to do that, and we really stepped up everything we did and did successfully. This investment has partnered us along the way we’ve been about taking what we do really well and doing it on a larger scale.”

Samir Agili, Tilting Point’s CO-CEO, said:

This funding will help us accelerate our progressive publishing model, where we work with games that are already in the market and accelerate and strengthen them. We built our entire company by finding ways to strengthen existing games and make existing developers more successful.

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