Together Labs founded MetaJuice to focus on the blockchain side

Together Labs has launched a new company called MetaJuice to launch Vcore, Vcoin, and new NFTs.
Together Labs IMVU
Together Labs announced MetaJuice.

Together Labs has launched a new blockchain company called MetaJuice to launch Vcoin, Vcore and new NFTs.

Vcoin will be the first digital asset launched by the MetaJuice team, while Vcore will be a token that users can participate in on the metaverse side. MetaJuice, on the other hand, will allow users on all platforms on the metaverse side to earn and own assets.

MetaJuice, which started the launch of the said assets on the IMVU metaverse, a platform that Together Labs states have more than one million daily users, also seems to be launched on WithMe, the new metaverse of Together Labs.

Together Labs Chief Security Officer and MetaJuice President John Burris gave the following words in his speech;

“The vast majority of metaverses today are closed or walled platforms creating barriers for users to earn and experience true ownership. Leveraging blockchain technology, MetaJuice will unlock the full value of the metaverse for users and create a path for users not only to participate in but actually shape the future of metaverse.”

Daren Tsui, CEO of Together Labs, added;

“We will continue to lead the way with the introduction of our new blockchain entity and cutting-edge digital currencies and NFTs. We will focus first on blockchain enabling our platforms and then take that experience to enable all users to seamlessly move and transact across worlds.”

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