Top 4 Unity Tools for Developers: January 2022

Keeping in touch with new tools for Unity might benefit you beyond your belief. Here are the top 4 Unity Assets for this month for you to consider.
We list some of the tools we think you should put on your radar.

If you are one of many Unity users, you know how important it is to catch up with the Unity Asset Store. Your game in progress might need just the thing published recently on the store or an asset you bookmarked recently got the patch that will significantly enhance the feel of your game.

This month, we looked for valuable tools to help your animation process.

ECM2 can be used for any kind of character (player or AI controlled) and for a wide range of games.

1- Easy Character Movement 2: Move your character with ease

For Easy Character Movement 2, the name speaks for itself: Worry no more about basic character movements, this tool gives you clear instructions and flexibility. All you have to do is try executing your fun movement mechanics on your mind.

The tool comes with customizable options and practical functions to exploreI cannot stress the flexibility the tool gives you. It’s not just another character controller. It’s THE character controller.

Animation Designer will buy you tons of time tweaking animations.

2- Animation Designer: Polish your animations

If you are a developer without extensive knowledge of animating, this tool will save you. Animation Designer makes animation tweaking accessible for everyone.

Say that you bought a 3D model package, and it comes with its own set of animations. If the quality is low or you want to alter them in a way, Animation Designer lends a hand to you. You won’t need any other 3rd party apps to polish your animations anymore. With its easy-to-understand user interface, this tool will save you a lot of time.

Dynamic Bone gives you total control on bone & joint dynamics.

3- Dynamic Bone: Physics in joints

This tool helps you apply physics to your characters’ bones, joints, hair, cloth, breasts, etc. With Dynamic Bone, the problem of minding the physics of independent body parts is no more.

Dynamic Bone has an intact physics simulation, which is faster and easier to use compared to Unity’s built-in physics system.

Give it a try!

A* Pathfinding Project Pro supports grid, navmesh, point and hexagonal graphs. 

4- The A* Pathfinding Project : Navigate like boss

The A* Pathfinding Project is one of the best pathfinding solutions available on Unity Asset Store. It can handle more than 400 entities; it’s fast, it has tons of samples and various demo scenes to help you out.

It’s a well-written tool with a lot of offerings. The setup might take time to get used to, but almost every possibility has its demo, so don’t hesitate to check them.

Note that it only works with 3D projects.

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