Top 4 Unity Tools for Developers: December 2021

Keeping in touch with new tools for Unity might benefit you beyond your belief. Here are the top 4 Unity Assets for this month for you to consider.
unity asset store tools
We list some of the tools we think you should put on your radar.

If you are one of many Unity users, you know how important is to catch up with what’s on Unity Asset Store. Your game in progress might need just the thing published recently on the store, or an asset you bookmarked recently got the patch that will greatly enhance the feel of your game. In this article, we list some of the tools we think you should put on your radar.

grooming tool for fluffy characters
Fluffy Grooming Tool helps you make wonders while working on fluffy characters.

1- Fluffy Grooming Tool: A Tool to Model Impressive Fluffiness

If you ever tried to model a fluffy character, you know how hard it can be. It’s no surprise that PIXAR’s improvement on fluff between the first two entries of Toy Story was regarded as a milestone in the animation industry.

With Fluffy Grooming Tool, it’s easier to model fluffy characters than ever before. The shading and density of feathers, hair, or fuzz of your characters are easily manageable and immensely editable with this tool. If you are planning to model a man that’s only a moustache or a cat that feels real, you should check out this beautiful tool on Unity Assets.

Unity liquid physics motor
Zibra Liquids is a solid liquid physics motor.

2- Zibra Liquids: Ultimate Liquid Physics Tool

In number two, we got a physics tool that mastered the flow and liquidity of objects. Like fluffiness, the feel of a realistic flow can be hard to achieve, without the right tool to use, of course. Zibra Liquids is a tool that is inherently easy to use and striking by design and it’s there to replace any liquid physics tool that you might be using. It has real-time simulation, multiple visual and physical pre-sets, gravity control and it’s free. Check it out.

Unity dimension arrange tool
Adjusting a model is way easier with 27 Slicer.

3- 27 Slicer: Rearrange Dimensions Without Losing the Integrity

27 Slicer is a straightforward tool. When you try to enlarge or shrink any model, the shape and ratio of the model will be distorted, if not remodelled. The 27 Slicer tool helps you keep your model intact and resize it without losing its proportion. The trouble of remodelling is no more. Modelling a scenery with such a tool will ease off the burden of minding the integrity for all of the models individually. We are sure that 27 Slicer will come in handy.

unity duplicate tool
Mesh Animator helps you to duplicate elements to a mass.

4- Mesh Animator: Duplicate Faster Than Ever

Another time-saving tool is Mesh Animator. Suppose that you want to create a scenery of pitched battle, tens of hundreds of infantries are clashing by units. The easiest way to do so should be duplicating the units but you want to save both the integrity of models and the performance. Voilà, Mesh Animator is there to save the day! In it, you can easily duplicate anything you like in seconds. Save your time and RAM and give it a try.

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