Top 5 mobile gaming trends in India – 2021

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Top 5 mobile gaming trends in India for 2021

The mobile gaming industry has been going viral for a while already. There are a couple of reasons for this, and the most important one is that 2020 was a perfect storm of causes for mobile gaming to truly take off. We have done some research on how the mobile gaming industry will rise in places like Africa and India, and with what trends it will rise.

The year 2020 was not especially good for most people. The global pandemic shook almost the entire world, making life difficult and stressful even on the best of days. However, some industries, like gaming, saw major growth compared to many other industries. One of them was the mobile gaming industry. What do you think is the reason? It’s actually a complicated combination of many reasons, all working together to create an environment that was perfect for major developments. The engagement on gaming review portals also shot up massively, since gamers were seeking new mobile games to play in online casinos in India. Some of the most important factors included:

  • The pandemic and resulting lockdowns. People couldn’t leave their homes or attend school or go to work. The result was an extremely bored population, looking for things to do to spend their time. 
  • Major advancements in Internet access and technology. With more and more people attending school and work from home, more and more countries were looking into ways to provide citizens with affordable internet access. Likewise, 5G technology rolled out all over the globe, with many people using this new technology to access the internet remotely. This meant the internet on mobile devices was faster, better, and more reliable.
  • New trends in gaming technology. The gaming industry grew in big ways as a result of the previously mentioned factors, which led to some of the following trends – all of which shaped the way gaming in 2021 and beyond would look.

Mobile Gaming Trend #1 – Virtual Reality

Perhaps the most popular type of gaming right now is virtual reality. What was once reserved for amusement park attractions has become affordable and accessible through major advancements in technology! This means that more and more people – even young children – are now enjoying virtual reality gaming in the comfort of their own homes.

Mobile Gaming Trend #2 – Augmented Reality

Not sure what the difference is between virtual reality and augmented reality? Generally, virtual reality submerges you into a whole new reality, blocking out the real world and letting you enjoy the sights and sounds of an entirely new one. Augmented reality does that on a much smaller scale, adding new and exciting details to your existing reality.

The breakout success of Pokémon Go! created a massive uptick in the number of mobile games offering augmented reality. This means that while you can still see the world around you, you can also interact via your gaming device with new people, places, and things.

Mobile Gaming Trend #3 – Blockchain Technology

Ever heard of blockchain technology? This is the technology that is at the backbone of one of the world’s most popular new trends – cryptocurrency. Technology gets its name from the way it works, and that way is changing every part of our technological lives.

Blockchains are databases, but not in the traditional sense. They store information in “blocks”, which are then “chained” together. This gives the technology its name, as well as giving it an advantage of recording information in chronological order. This creates a kind of running ledger, which is useful for many applications. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, this ledger prevents fraud by being permanent and viewable to anyone, meaning that information cannot be deleted, overwritten, or hidden.  People are coming up with new ways to apply this technology to gaming every day, but for linear games and those with level-based play, it’s already a natural fit.

Mobile Gaming Trend #4 – Face Recognition

Does your phone use facial recognition technology? These days, most smartphones do. Even if you have the feature disabled, your phone can see, recognize, and analyze your face using its front camera. This allows applications to provide a variety of features that would not have been available just a few years ago.

In simulation-based games, this is especially important. These games can use your real facial features, expressions, and more, to synthesize storylines, collect feedback, and other features. This provides strikingly realistic gameplay that gets smarter every time you open the application.

Mobile Gaming Trend #5 – Expansion of Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based technology is nothing new, but it is expanding all the time. These expansions and improvements have made storing more information and creating more realistic and detailed games possible, with these games saving information to cloud-based servers instead of to the device itself. This way, they don’t take up as much room and can devote the space that they do require to actual game features. Now, that’s a big improvement!

To sum up, you can see that there are so many ways to play today, whether you’re looking for a realistic simulation game or the best website to play at an online casino in India, you can find it in 2021 – and it’ll be better than it has ever been.

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