Asia leads 2020’s top 5 worldwide grossing mobile games

by Ragid Hallak

The first quarter of 2020 is over and today, the mobile games insight company App Annie shared its new report. In it, we got many different insights about our beloved industry that we will cover on Mobidictum. We got insights such as the 2020’s top 5 worldwide grossing mobile games. As the headline read, Asian developers and publishers dominated the top 5 list. Also, we got the top grossing Nintendo Switch Lite games but we will focus on iOS and Android.

Here are 2020’s top 5 worldwide grossing mobile games

On the App Store, Tencent got the first two spots with Game For Peace (PUBG Mobile) and Honour of Kings. Lilith’s AFK Arena ranked third while Blizzard’s Candy Crush Saga followed in fourth place. Alibaba Group’s Sangokushi Strategy closes the top five. It’s worth mentioning that four of the five games are from Chinese developers and publishers. On Google Play, Lineage 2M by the South Korean publisher NCSOFT ranked first. The Japanese publishers Mixi and Sony followed in second and third place with Monster Strike and Fate/Grand Order, respectively.  Lilith’s Rise of Kingdom came in number four and the Israel based Moon Active’s Coin Master closed the top five for Android.

worldwide grossing mobile games

We said we will not focus on the Nintendo Switch Lite but we can see that the most grossing games for it were by Nintendo itself. Furthermore, Games represented nearly 70% of total worldwide consumer spend for combined iOS App Store and Google Play in Q1 2020 but accounted for roughly 40% of downloads. In-app subscriptions have helped drive consumer spend share growth in non-gaming categories too.

What’s more?

According to App Annie, the mobile games market broke a new record during the ongoing pandemic. Weekly mobile game downloads reached 1.2 billion! That’s a huge number for sure. Keep your eyes peeled for more details on Mobidictum.

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