Game Developer

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Website F13 Entertainment

People who can pass beyond keyboard

Job Description

– You will be part of a team that make successful games and you will be main creator of these excellent games,
– Designing, building, and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable code,
– Solving technical problems with analytical and smart solutions
– Producing prototypes of game ideas for many platforms

Qualifications And Skills

– At least 1 year experience in mobile game industry,
– Excellent knowledge of Unity components,
– OOP programming skills,
– Knowledge about Design Patterns and S.O.L.I.D. principles
– CPU, GPU and Memory optimization skills,
– Finding solutions to questions and asking the right questions,
– Working effectively under pressure and managing crisis moments well

Additional Skills

– Having published game
– C,C++ knowledge


– Competitive salary,
– Health insurance,
– Unlimited educational support,
– Monthly Netflix,Spotify and Nvidia GeForce Now membership
– Great lunch everyday
– Travel cost monthly

Recruitment Process:

– Online meeting
– Preparing a demo project
– Online meeting again
– Be part of F13