Trivia Royale surpasses 2 million users in 10 days!

Teatime Games, the independent developers behind QuizUp launched Trivia Royale ten days ago. In this short time, the game already racked up 2 million users. It also found its way to the number one spot on the US App Store and crossed Tiktok and Instagram. Trivia Royale surpassed the team’s expectations too. The game pits players from around the world against 1000 opponents as they compete in thrilling tests of knowledge to become the last person standing ‘Royale’.

Trivia Royale went viral!

Teatime Games worked on QuizUp before and they used all of their experience in the new game. That’s why the game reached a new great milestone in such a short time. It also went viral among TikTok users, with the latter getting its own category and questions within the Trivia Royale app. The trivia game has a very customizable avatar system that uses advanced ‘Game Face’ face-tracking technology. Players can customize their avatar and express their personality in millions of different ways. You can change hairstyles and jewelry, piercings, hats, glasses, headphones, and much more.

Trivia RoyaleTrivia Royale is not sitting in the number one spot in the Trivia category on the App Store. It has a 4.7/5 score based on 7.6 thousand reviews. The game mixes battle royale genre with Trivia and that’s why it got a huge success. There are also hundreds and thousands of questions answers, more are added daily too. You can download it on iOS by clicking here, for Android, click here.

About the developers

Teatime Games aims to reinvent social games by combining face tracked customizable avatars, real-time gaming and innovative game design – ultimately, bringing face-to-face engagement to mobile gaming. Furthermore, it was founded in 2017 and is the brainchild of the creators behind QuizUp, one of the most popular trivia games in the world. Below you can watch the game’s trailer.

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