Turkish game company Veloxia received an investment of 3 million dollars

The company has raised a total of 4 million dollars to date.
Founders of Veloxia

Istanbul-based Veloxia has managed to become a Turkish gaming company that has received significant investments in recent years. Collective Spark successfully completed its investment round with the participation of Boğaziçi Ventures, Ak Portfolio Venture Capital, and many more angel investors. It already has a popular game on the list with its games called Space Colony: Idle published on iOS and Android platforms.

However, Turkey’s success in mobile game development cannot be ignored, and it is now being compared to Finland, which gave birth to game companies such as Supercell and Rovio. With Zynga’s acquisition of Peak Games for $1.8 billion last year, Turkish game companies have also become popular all over the world in recent years.

Working hard to differentiate Veloxia from other mobile gaming startups

Space Colony: Idle
Space Colony: Idle

Tugay Alyıldız, Melih Gündoğdu, and Mehveş Altay founded the company in June 2019 with the mission of creating innovative products in mobile games on a global scale. Veloxia released its first product, an “idle” game called “Space Colony: Idle”, on iOS and Android platforms in late 2019. The game was among the best strategy games and had close to one million downloads. The trio started the company by creating multiplayer games that could go viral with more efficient marketing and higher profitability.

Veloxia CEO Tugay Alyıldız made the following statements:

“Our infrastructure is supported by behavioral economics models that we continually develop as we scale our products. We are working to differentiate Veloxia from other mobile gaming initiatives by successfully managing our monetization approach in game design and products in different categories under a cluster structure.”

Alyıldız said that the development team grew under the leadership of Altay, who worked for Microsoft and Google in various countries during his university years. He also stated that the company has an international team of 22 members living in different geographies. The company will continue to maintain an inclusive and diverse team culture by expanding in Turkey and abroad. Let us remind you that the company has collected approximately 4 million dollars to date.

Veloxia will continue to pursue its targets in the sector

Görkem Oktay, the general partner of Collective Spark, said that Turkey has been at the forefront of mobile gaming in recent years, with many successful startups and multiple exits. In this context, he said that his company has been following the scene closely for a long time and has invested in the Veloxia team, which he has known since the day it was founded. He said he looks forward to Veloxia releasing new games in various categories.

Alyıldız noted that he will attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on behalf of Veloxia this year to increase the awareness of Veloxia in the mobile gaming community.

The company is currently working on a game in the category of multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA). The main goal is to produce Turkey’s biggest game and to expand its overseas team and open offices in Northern Europe.

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