87.1% of Turkish mothers prefer their smartphones to play games

The research conducted by the advertising company AdColony with the independent research company GlobalWebIndex reveals the approach of Turkish mothers to mobile games.
mothers smartphones mobile games report
Moms love playing games on their smartphones!

While the rise of mobile games is increasing day by day, being a mobile gamer has now become the technology culture of societies all over the world. Mobile games have become one of our most accessible entertainment, especially during the current pandemic period, and have become an indispensable part of our lives. In today’s world where digitalization is accelerating and the importance of smartphones in our daily life increases, mobile game applications continue to develop without slowing down by adding strength to their power. When the stereotype of men sitting at the head of the chair comes to mind when mobile gamers are mentioned, we can say that mobile games appeal to everyone from 7 to 70.

adcolony mothers report
The report prepared by AdColony contains very interesting information.

There is an audience that likes mobile games in particular and that might surprise everyone, their power can never be ignored; Moms. Although female mobile gamers and especially mothers are taken out of the mold of mobile gamers in mind, no one can deny that they actually use their mobile phones to play games and often play mobile games. The research conducted by AdColony, one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms, with the independent research company GlobalWebIndex, in order to show that mothers are an important part of the mobile gaming community, reveals the approaches of mothers to mobile games. The research also reveals important information on how brands can capture one of their most important and biggest target audiences, mothers, on their mobile devices.

34.9% of mothers who play mobile games in Turkey are between the ages of 25-34, while 32.2% are between the ages of 35-44. While 53.3% of the mothers who participated in the survey said that they have two children, 53.3% of them have children between the ages of 6-11.

Smartphones are ahead

While 87.1% of the mothers participating in the survey stated that they use their smartphones to play games, 44.9% of them state that they play mobile games many times a day. In a single session, 25.8% of mothers say they play mobile games for 30-60 minutes, while 20.9% say they play mobile games for 1-2 hours in a day.

adcolony mothers report
What devices do mothers use to play games?

It is a fact that mobile games are always with us to distract our minds and get away from our troubles. This does not change for mothers. While 66.5% of the mothers participating in the survey stated that they play mobile games for fun, 54.4% say they play mobile games to relax and 40.6% to improve their mood. The fact that 44.1% of the mothers stated that they felt comfortable while playing mobile games and 28.9% said that they felt happy once again proves the positive effect of mobile games on people.

The majority are mothers who play mobile games every day

While working and taking care of their children during the day, mothers run to mobile games to have fun and distract themselves. 51.8% state that they play games when they take a break during lunch break, 41.9% say they watch TV, and 41.5% say they play mobile games in bed before going to sleep.

adcolony mothers report
How much time a day do mothers spend playing games?

We cannot deny that mothers are very selective and careful when shopping for their homes, children, and themselves. It is very important for brands to catch mothers and prove the reliability of their products. While 62.7% of mothers state that they are the sole decision-makers in large-scale purchases, 84.6% state that they are the sole decision-makers in small-scale purchases. In addition, 96.3% of the mothers who participated in the survey say that they have shopped online in the last 6 months. 18.5% of mothers prefer in-app shopping when shopping online because 46.5% think it is easier.

The expectations of mothers from the advertisements they encounter on their mobile devices are also changing. 50.8% think that the product or brand must be relevant to them in order for them to buy the product directly from an advertisement they encounter on their smartphones. 44.6% of them say that the advertisement should be informative, and 35.8% say that it should be interesting.

49.6% of mothers who encounter mobile ads on their smartphones search for and read product reviews, 48% visit the brand’s website, and 44.5% interact with ads.

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