Turkish startup UGC90 receives funding from The Sandbox

This investment marks the first partnership between a Turkish studio and The Sandbox.
NFTs of Achilles and Agamemnon under the Hero of Troy and UGC90 logos

UGC90 has announced that it secured funding from The Sandbox Game Maker fund for its Web3 title Hero of Troy. The game will join the ranks of the metaverse project The Sandbox.

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The Sandbox has over 200,000 MAUs worldwide and currently holds over 400 brands within its platform. The investment and partnership between UGC90 and The Sandbox is the first global metaverse collaboration for Turkish studios.

Burak Günsev, CEO of UGC90, shared thoughts and feelings about the future of the company:

“We are just beginning to construct the future in virtual worlds. We have opened an essential path for the blockchain and NFT ecosystem entrepreneurs in our country, with our team consisting entirely of Turkish developers and our cooperation with the world’s largest metaverse platforms in a short time since our establishment.”

“The most important achievement of Hero of Troy, for which we received funding support, is to enter The Sandbox platform and increase the global awareness that the Trojan War legend took place on Turkish soil. Our dream is to support the promotion of Turkiye’s history and culture in the global metaverse economy, as well as the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem.”

Hero of Troy is a game that lets players experience the battle of Troy that took place in Çanakkale, Turkiye. The company promoted Hero of Troy on its official website with these sentences:

“It is your turn to join heroes among legends and take down the city of walls of Troy. Beware, the city holds many secrets and is under the protection of gods Athena and Apollo; stay stealthy and let the Mycenaeans in to take the city down from within the walls.”

The Game Maker Fund is created to support the metaverse-based game ecosystem in order to allow users to have easy and extensive access to a wide variety of gaming experiences on The Sandbox metaverse.

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