Twitch Co-founder Kevin Lin joins BAYZ board

As Strategic Advisor, Lin will offer support in business decisions to expand the company’s Web3 operation in the Americas.
Kevin Lin headshot on the left, BAYZ Web3 logo on the right

Co-founder and former COO of Twitch Kevin Lin joins Web3 game publisher BAYZ board as strategic advisor. He will be responsible for supporting strategic decisions on expansion to North America and the business model. He will also be in charge of developing new strategies for the Web3 ecosystem.

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Co-founder of BAYZ João Borges celebrates with these words:

“Considering all the exceptional experience in operations, strategy, culture, and innovation, we will count on Kevin’s background in several initiatives to continue pursuing BAYZ’s successful journey in the Brazilian market and also worldwide.”

Kevin Lin, who is also the Co-Founder of Metatheory Inc, an a16z and Pantera-funded Web3 game developer and creator of the DuskBreakers project, reveals:

“Expanding gaming culture and innovating in the ways we consume games is the challenge that drives my career. Joining the BAYZ team means, for me, to continue exploring the potential of an industry that keeps growing fast.”

The company’s Co-Founder Matt Rutledge who has been instrumental in the company’s internationalization added:

“Kevin’s knowledge of high-growth businesses in the region and how to deal with the international gaming community will be of great value to us.”

Lin’s arrival to the company shares another milestone as BAYZ celebrates its first anniversary this September. Over the year, the company has grown from seven to over 70 employees and has already invested $ 1.5 million in 12 blockchain game titles, such as Metasoccer, Legends of Venari, Castle Crush, Monkey League, Thetan Arena, and Big Time. BAYZ is also the official representative of The Sandbox in Brazil.

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