UAhero helps you boost your user acquisition with AI

UAhero empowers mobile game marketers with machine learning and AI technologies to boost their profits, saving them from daily UA challenges.
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Boost your UA with AI.

In an ideal business world, user acquisition is an easy task to accomplish and something that companies don’t have to worry about. We’re not there yet, but UAhero is certainly helping mobile game companies get there. The Istanbul-based company offers a SaaS solution that helps user acquisition professionals reduce the time and effort spent on campaign management while maximizing profits with the help of AI algorithms.

The platform uses machine learning to adjust thousands of parameters and configure campaigns, “turning UA managers into teams of superheroes” in their words.

Mobile game marketing is fast-paced, the competition is high and marketers should think and act quickly to maintain high-performance campaigns. Having a number of mobile games to advertise on several ad networks leaves limited time for building a winning user acquisition strategy and ends in error-prone campaign management.

This is where UAhero comes in. The solution minimizes manual workload by showing data from all integrated networks and MMPs on its compact yet powerful dashboard. It also empowers its users with LTV prediction and AI-based recommendations that can be applied without leaving the platform. UAhero provides all the predictions and decisions so the UA managers can focus on strategy and creativity and grow their mobile games in no time.

UAhero’s cofounder and CEO Oz Silahtar says:

“We have been doing AI solutions for the last several years, and during this time, we understood how and when to use AI and how to complement humans effectively and make them better at their work. Along the way, we worked with some gaming companies and fell in love with this industry and its people. Our team consists of UA and gaming experts who understand our customers and AI experts who can apply ML to any problem. As a result, UAhero provides convenience and performance to the UA manager.”

Silahtar further explains what makes UAhero a unique software solution with the following lines:

“Campaign automation has been around for a long time, but what makes UAhero a game-changer is that it not only offers time efficiency and error elimination. But also increases the performance of campaigns by making thousands of predictions and configurations with its AI algorithms. Furthermore, UAhero gives the user the room to choose how the predictions are applied. While it can be fully automated, the UA manager can also choose to analyze the recommendations and be in control of the final decision.”

Silahtar says the product’s core ambition is to make life easier and better for all mobile game marketers and improve the flow of their daily routine. By showing a way out of the biggest challenges of user acquisition and making one-click campaign management possible, UAhero streamlines the processes and simply charges its users with superpowers.

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