Ubisoft and Azerion expand their strategic partnership

Ubisoft and Azerion expanded their strategic partnership and reached a 7-game deal.
Ubisoft Azerion partnership
Ubisoft and Azerion announced that they are expanding their strategic partnership.

After Hungry Shark Arena, developed by Ubisoft Nano, reached 5 million users with GameDistribution (online and cross-platform game publishing, media, and entertainment platform part of Azerion) in the past months, Ubisoft made a significant expansion announcement.

This strategic partnership includes 7 Ubisoft Nano games, including the entire Season 2 and 3 series. Azerion will distribute these 7 Ubisoft Nano games over the next two years through its powerful platform.

Ubisoft Nano is a catalog of games developed by the Ubisoft Da Nang studio, growing day by day. The collection of multiplayer games developed using HTML5 and based on Ubisoft’s various universes (Assassin’s Creed, Rabbids, Might & Magic, Rayman, etc.) can be accessed worldwide via mobile devices.

The collection offered the playground to more than 10 million players in 2021, and this partnership with Azerion is expected to reach millions more in 2022. This collaboration also represents the addition of 3 premium hyper-casual games developed by Ubisoft-owned company KETCHAPP to the GameDistribution catalog.

Erol Ertürk, EVP Games and Strategic partnerships at Azerion, made the following comments about the partnership;

“This partnership is one of the most important strategic deals for the Azerion content distribution network in 2022. We are proud to represent Ubisoft brands and bring them to the large casual audience through the Azerion distribution network from cross-platform gaming portals to subscription services and telcos.”

Ubisoft Da Nang Studio Manager Aurelien Palasse gave the following words in his speech;

“Ubisoft Nano has been designed to bring our world into new audiences and Azerion is the ideal partner to put our games in the hands of millions of new players consuming games on unconventional platforms such as web browser of telco subscription.”

These ten new games will be available online in 16 languages on more than 1000 websites that subscribe to GameDistribution services. Players will also enjoy new games and updates through all the usual platforms (the Ubisoft Nano app available from the iOS and Android local stores, apart from the nano.ubisoft.com website).

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