Ubisoft, Bungie and others are working on transferring games from Stadia

Video game developers are trying to find a way to transfer games and save files from Stadia.
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Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia may be shutting down on January 2023 but there is still a chance for players to continue playing its games.

French video game maker Ubisoft has shared that they are working on bringing Ubisoft games on Stadia to Ubisoft Connect. This means players may continue playing their Ubisoft games after Stadia is shut down. Specific details are not shared yet; it is expected to be revealed later.

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It is important to note that Ubisoft Connect is not a cloud gaming service. Some players may require a hardware upgrade to play certain games. There is no information on if saved files will be transferred along with the games. After Google’s initial announcement Stadia Store was closed, so there is no chance to buy a new game and then redeem it on Ubisoft Connect.

Bungie, developers of Destiny 2, has made a statement regarding the Stadia shutdown. American video game company started working on how to transfer Destiny 2 accounts from Stadia. Bungie has used Google Stadia for testing Destiny 2 during the development phase, and the game had been one of the flagships for Stadia.

Hitman developer IO Interactive has also reached out to their players on Stadia and stated that they are working to bring Hitman to other platforms.

Stadia’s shutdown is still a hot topic, and most video game companies have just started working on how to handle the news. Google stated that all the software and hardware purchased for Stadia would be refunded


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