Ubisoft Da Nang Studio is here to work on mobile games!

Ubisoft Da Nang

Ubisoft is one of the games industry giants and has many different studios across the globe. Today the company announces that its studio in Vietnam opened its doors. Let’s all welcome Ubisoft Da Nang Studio which will work on creating original mobile games. Most of the employees are Vietnamese but its already a multi-national studio with teams from eight different countries.

What will Ubisoft Da Nang Studio work on?

The studio’s head Aurelien Palasse shared some interesting information in an interview with the company’s news team. In it, we knew that the team will focus on creating original mobile games and instant games using HTML 5. Furthermore, once the studio reaches its full capacity, it will have about 100 employees working on three unannounced projects. Ubisoft Da Nang Studio opened with 32 team members but that will increase in the coming year. Palasse who has been working with Ubisoft for the last decade also talked about the experience of opening a new studio from scratch. According to him, it’s a “rewarding achievement to see the first employees enjoying their working environment”. However, this is just the tutorial and the “real mission” will start soon.

Ubisoft Da Nang StudioThese are challenging times for sure to open a studio. Palasse said that the pandemic created many challenges and there were delays in the delivery of the teams’ workstations. Also, the management had to rethink the onboarding strategy because of travel restrictions. Furthermore, the studio’s head didn’t think that they will open the office with everyone doing temperature checks, carrying around hand sanitizer, wearing masks when necessary, and sitting two meters apart.

You can apply to work in different positions

Right now, there are fourteen job opportunities in different fields such as programming, marketing, Art, Audio Design, and more. You can apply to work in Ubisoft Da Nang by clicking here.

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