Ubisoft receives $20 million for its games on Google Stadia

by Berçem Sultan Kaya

Ubisoft received $20 million from Google to bring Assassin’s Creed and The Division games to Google Stadia. Video game news reporter Jason Schreier said Google paid millions of dollars to bring some game studios to its platform.

Ubisoft receives $ 20 million for two games

According to Jason Schreier’s posts, Google paid millions of dollars to world-famous game studios such as Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft. Offering its own games in Stadia, Google has started and will continue to bring in other game studios too. It continues to make payments to bring popular games to this platform, which allows players to play games on any device with the internet.

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A total of $20 million was paid for the two games.

One of these payments was made to Ubisoft with $20 million to bring Assassin’s Creed and The Division games to the platform. Apart from this, it seems that payments will continue to bring the games of other game studios. Again, according to the information, tens of millions of dollars were paid to the studios.

Is Google Stadia shutting down?

According to reports in early February, the developer studio set up by Google to produce games exclusively for the Stadia platform will soon be closed. The biggest reason for this is that developing a high-end game takes many years and they cost too much. Stadia platform has launched two years ago. At the end of these two years, Google realized this and will now work with 3rd party developers.

After that, Stadia Vice President and General Manager Phil Harrison shared in his blog posts that Google will focus on working with 3rd party developers for Stadia from this stage and that everyone in their development team will move to new roles. However, it still became a name that left Google and this number seems to increase in the future.

Following the closing decision, Jade Raymond, who previously played a role in bringing other game studios to the platform, leaves Google to set sail for new adventures. In addition, no comment was made on whether there would be other employees affected by this closure.

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Google Stadia is also known as Netflix of the game world.

Stadia, also known as Netflix of the game world, is a cloud-based platform that allows users to play high-end games smoothly from a phone, tablet, computer and even television. Stating that users will be little affected by these issues, Harrison said that the decision to close Stadia is not currently on the agenda. This process will most likely determine the number of game studios brought to the platform and even a decision to close in the future may be made depending on the situation.

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