UK Games Fund awarding grants to 12 independent studios

The organisation is granting funding to the UK’s small developers up to £6000.
This is the 8th time that the organisation grants funds to small studios.

The UK Games Fund is financially backing 12 independent studios. The chosen developers will receive up to three monthly payments of £2000 (£6000 in total) as funds to the promising game studios of the UK that are in the earlier stages of development.

“Since launching in 2015 we’ve iterated — and will continue to do so—the packages we offer our community in response to their needs. This year, we’ve tailored Rounds 7 and 8 to the typical applicants we see – namely, the studios that are set up and ready to go with larger grants and those that are just starting out as indie developers with a need for more time to develop their pitch for funding.”

Paul Durrant – Director & Founder of UK Games Fund

These 12 chosen studios will be able to apply to The UK Games Fund for additional funding next year.

“I am incredibly excited to have Spellbound: The Magic Within chosen for funding, this opportunity will help to elevate the project. I am thrilled to be able to use this funding to provide opportunities and grow the team at Wyrdren Games.”

Sally Sheppard, Founder and CEO of one of the 12 studios.

Names of the twelve studios are as follows:

  • Cubenary
  • Dull Dude
  • Factori Studios
  • Fancy Goods Studios
  • Infinite Whys
  • Lovewish
  • Stray Basilisk
  • Team Artichoke
  • Triplevision Games
  • Wyrdren Games
  • Yaldi Games
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