United Esports and Dfinity Foundation announce blockchain gaming competition with a total prize of $10 million

United Esports and Dfinity Foundation blockchain open new opportunities to game developers.
Blockchain game development competition with $10M prize pool: Achievement Unblocked

With the rise of blockchain technology, the number of related events is also increasing. United Esports, an esports media and marketing company, and blockchain protocol developer Dfinity Foundation have announced a new competition.

Applications for the “Achievement Unblocked” competition are now open. Post submissions, the competition will be presented by esports commentator Mitch “UberShouts” Leslie and will premiere in late 2022.

Achievement Unblocked aims to provide game development opportunities for developers of all levels. The competition will be run in near real-time. Competitors will be able to compete with and watch other participants while improving their games. Here, host Mitch Leslie’s job will be to guide the audience and tell the personal stories of the contestants.

One of the organizing partners of the contest, The Dfinity Foundation, is the developer of “Internet Computer,” a public blockchain that runs at web speed at an internet-scale. The company enables entrepreneurs and developers to produce decentralized applications. Here are a few on-chain games running on this Internet Computer system: Rise of the Magni, HexGL, Welcome Into the Metaverse, Saga Tarot, and Reversi.

Mitch Leslie said the following on the subject:

“With the rise of Web 3, there’s never been a better time to be a gamer. I am beyond excited to take this journey with our talented developers, as they look to leverage the power of blockchain and the Internet Computer.”

Achievement Unblocked is quite different from traditional competitions. Consulting and technical support will be given to developers throughout the competition. In addition, the competitors will be supported with grants and will be supported in finding funds. In addition to external funds, monetary awards will also be distributed to the participants within the scope of the competition. This way, competitors will have everything they need to get to the top.

The competition ends for the developers who were eliminated during the competition, but these developers have a chance to find funds. Developers who have managed to attract the attention of investors with their projects can find funds for themselves. In this context, United Esports and Dfinity Foundation want to pave the way for developers.

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