Unity Learn Premium is now accessible to everyone for free

The ongoing pandemic has changed everything in the games industry. For Unity, things have changed too. For example, the company announced back in April that it will not participate in any physical event. It also made its event (Unity Now) digital for this year. That’s not all though, on March 19, the community got three months of free access to Unity Learn Premium. More than 320,000 people used the premium resources and it made the company understand that Unity Learn Premium is important for the community. Therefore, Unity decided to change something about it, for good.

Unity Learn Premium is now free for everyone

That’s right, the great resource for developers is now free starting today. On a blog post on the company’s official website, Unity announced that it made this great change because of the rapidly changing economic landscape and the unprecedented need for people to develop in-demand skills. Unity Learn Premium provides developers with real-time 3d online learning resources. By this change, the company “hope to bring you one step closer to reaching your goals”. According to Hired.com’s “State of Software Engineering” report, demand for AR and VR talent grew by 1,400% over the last year, while demand for gaming and machine learning engineers grew by 146% and 89%, respectively.

Unity Learn Premium

Unity is an important and growing component of each of these roles. According to the blog post, Unity Learn Premium content offers more than 360 hours in it and it will keep growing in the near future. We recommend you checking the blog post to see some of the highlighted courses and resources.

It’s a good move

That’s for sure is a good thing especially when COVID-19 hit our beloved industry. The community reacted in a positive way to the new change. We think that this will benefit the new developers who are looking to learn more new things.

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