Meet Unleashd, a subscription service for free-to-play games

Today the tech startup Multiscription announced Unleashd, the first in-game subscription service for free-to-play games. Unleashd will give mobile game publishers a novel take on free-to-play monetization without cannibalizing their existing revenue streams. The new service relies on improving free-to-play monetization rather than disrupting existing methods of monetization. In case you are a publisher, you will still be able to offer in-app purchases and offer rewarded ads. It will benefit the players and the publishers at the same time with its unique design and layers.

More than 40 publishers joined Unleashd already!

Multiscription announced that over 40 publishers have joined the subscription service already with more than 50 games. Nitro Games, Tapque, FULL HP Ltd, Northplay, 5th Plant, Niila, Bedtime, Amuzo, and more are on the list. To add a game to Unleashd service, all that you have to do is integrate the lightweight SDK and, with Multiscription’s help, create a unique offer that only subscribers can access. Subscribers will be able to easily see all the games on the service in the Unleashdapp, where they can also manage their subscription. The subscription service will officially launch first for Android via Google Play later in 2020. 



In a press release sent from Multiscription to Mobidictum, Teis Mikkelsen, Co-Founder and CEO of the company said the following:

Subscriptions have become our favorite way to enjoy all kinds of services, from games to shopping to movies and music – but not free-to-play games. With Unleashd, we offer a subscription service that caters to the vast majority of mobile gamers who play free-to-play games every day. Subscriptions for free-to-play games have the potential to change the industry in the same way that the shift from premium to free-to-play gaming shook up the industry a decade ago.

Who is Multiscription

The tech start-up founded by games industry veterans Teis Mikkelsen and Martin Walfisz. The team aims to reshape the mobile games landscape by bridging the gap between paid and free-to-play mobile games.

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