The US and Japan mobile game revenues drop in double digits

In the first quarter of the year, a double-digit revenue decline was observed in two giant markets. Despite this, the USA and Japan remain the two best markets globally.
Major mobile gaming markets are experiencing a decline in revenue.

2020 was one of the golden years of the mobile game market. With the impact of COVID-19, the industry has grown rapidly. Now, the post-pandemic process has been entered, and the long-term results have started to show themselves.

Sensor Tower has studied the US and Japanese mobile game markets. According to the published report, in the first quarter of 2022, US mobile gaming revenue fell for the first time year-on-year. The US market, which gained momentum in the second quarter of 2019, rose to over $6 billion during 2020-21. In the first quarter of 2022, revenues decreased by 10% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Game revenues by country

According to Sensor Tower data, the USA is currently the largest mobile game market globally. Japan, another giant market, is in second place. Japan’s mobile game revenues fell 18% year-over-year to $4.2 billion, and the gap with China narrowed even further.

Taiwan has maintained its steady growth for some time. The Taiwanese market, which increased by 7% year on year, surpassed Germany to become the world’s sixth-largest mobile game market.

Alternative markets are gaining momentum

The declines in the top three mobile game markets in the world cause the search for alternative markets. Mobile game revenues continue to increase in many countries outside the list of the largest markets.

Mobile game market
Mobile game market shares by country

ABD, Japonya ve Çin’in kaybettiği pazar payı diğer ülkeler tarafından işgal ediliyor. 2018’in son çeyreğinde %22 olan diğer ülkelerin pazar payları 2022’nin ilk çeyreğinde %24‘e yükseldi. Önümüzdeki günlerde de bu yükselişin devam etmesi bekleniyor.

One of the markets that should be especially emphasized in the other countries category is India. India alone accounts for around 57% of mobile game downloads worldwide. Despite the high number of downloads and players, the country has not yet been able to achieve the desired mobile game revenue. On the other hand, reports indicate that India is the fastest-growing market.

India alone generates more than half of mobile game downloads.

Brazil follows India with a 15% contribution in mobile game downloads. The contribution of the third-ranked USA to the number of downloads seems to decrease with each passing year.

The Sensor Tower report also touches on the game genres that generate the most revenue. According to the report, RPG is the highest-grossing game genre globally, and Genshin Impact revenues have a significant influence on this leadership.

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