Valve shifts to a four-season model for its main sales events

Spring Sale will turn into one of Steam’s four major seasonal sales.
Steam logo with gaming scenes representing four seasons in the background

Valve is changing how it handles Steam major sales events, arguably for the better. The gaming giant will drop Lunar New Year Sale and replace it with Spring Sale as one of its major seasonal sales. This also means Valve is adopting the four-season model for its major seasonal sales events; Winter, Autumn, Spring, and Summer.

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Valve announced the new approach on its official blog and said the change was made to create more space between the four major sales events. The gaming entity also believes this new model will give game developers and publishers more sales opportunities throughout the year and allow them to promote their titles in a more efficient way.

The US-based video game sales platform (also a game maker when it feels like one) ensures Spring Sales will be treated as a major seasonal event. Valve also explained why Lunar New Year Sale is being scrapped for good. Per the official blog post, the company received a significant amount of reliable feedback about the Lunar New Year being too close to the December holiday sale period.

Publishers are still expected to discount their games around the Lunar New Year period and have access to the necessary tools for the launch campaigns says the game maker.

Valve has been hard at work to improve Steam’s storefront. The company changed Steam’s image rules mid-summer and released the improved beta version of the new Steam Mobile App.

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