Victoria 3 sells half a million copies in 30 days

Paradox Development Studio’s grand strategy game Victoria 3 is the company’s most successful launch to date.
A man and a woman celebrating a festival withga crowd in the background. 1800s.

Paradox Development Studio’s grand strategy game Victoria 3 has sold 500.000 copies in just 30 days, making this the company’s most successful launch. The game spans the world’s history from 1836 to 1936 and allows the player to control any one of over 100 countries that existed during that time period.

In a Twitter post by the official Victoria 3 Twitter account, the company celebrated 500.000 copies sold and gave a few more fun statistics. The total playtime of the game is 609.318 days, 380.335 counties were formed, 126.263 Suez Canals were constructed, 187 million technologies were researched, 83 Prussians turned yellow, and 45.614 trans-continental railways were created.

Victoria 3 was released on October 25, 2022, and is the sequel to the 2010 game Victoria 2. The game was developed by Paradox Development Studio, and published by Paradox Entertainment.

Paradox Development Studio has also made other grand strategy games such as the Europa Universalis series, the Hearts of Iron series, and the Crusader Kings games, as well as the renowned sci-fi game, Stellaris.

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