Voodoo acquires EMEA-based Tarboosh Games

Tarboosh Games is looking to double its size in 2023 following the acquisition.
Voodoo and Tarboosh Games logos

French video game developer and publisher Voodoo announced that it has acquired EMEA-based Tarboosh Games for an undisclosed fee. Tarboosh Games is known for its hit games Bikes Hill and Collect Em All; the two games collectively reached over 50 million downloads.

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Tarboosh Games was founded by Rani Hammad H. back in January 2015. The independent developer initially started its adventure as a mobile game maker but eventually explored broader markets and published games across App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, Oculus Home, PC, and Mac.

A partnership began between Voodoo and Tarboosh Games involving hyper-casual games some time ago, which blossomed into hybrid-casual titles, and the fruitful partnership eventually lead to the acquisition of the latter studio.

Rani Hammad, CEO, Founder & Product Manager shared the following message about the acquisition:

“Tarboosh Games’ transformation, leading up to this moment, is a testament to what great teams, no matter how small they are, can achieve, with passion, the right strategic vision, and the courage to keep on trying where others have failed. Voodoo’s guidance and support enabled us to stay resilient and focused on bringing our best!”

Voodoo’s Casual Studios Manager Corentin Selz also commented:

“Working with Rani and his team for so many years on so many games was such an amazing journey with its highs and lows! This deal represents a new chapter in the lives of Tarboosh and Voodoo.

“With Tarboosh’s unique expertise and mindset, we’re excited to build more Hybrid-Casual games like Collect Em All and Mob Control, and to grow Voodoo’s portfolio in addition to our Hyper-Casual launches.”

Voodoo and Tarboosh Games will continue to focus on creating hybrid-casual games.

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