Voodoo announced the regional winners of its largest competition

by Aysu Burak

Voodoo is one of the leading mobile game publisher company that gives its focus on hyper-casual games with the highest number of downloads in the world. In December 2020, Voodoo announced a mobile game competition in the Runner & Puzzle genre and it is known as the largest mobile game competition in the company’s history. In addition to this, six studios in total have qualified for regional prizes with their incredible game submissions.

Voodoo’s big support to game developers in the industry

Throughout this competition, publishing managers of Voodoo did their best to coach and give support to the developing game studios. With the company’s outstanding support, the competition saw the largest number of global applications to date. Voodoo currently has over 335 employees to support game studios in five different languages and they want to keep extending their support for the studios.

The purpose of this competition was mainly to encourage mobile game developers to show their skills in the Runner & Puzzle genre. Applicants who shared their high quality game submissions had the opportunity to win large cash prizes plus the chance to earn a publishing contract with Voodoo. To earn the regional prize of $20,000 Voodoo has mentioned that the qualified game must have the lowest CPI and a Day One retention of a minimum 30%. On the other hand, it has been stated that a total amount of $150,000 bonus was to be given to any game consequently published and confirmed.

Six regional winner games and game studios of the competition

Voodoo’s judges were greatly impressed by the game studios’ hardwork and talent. With the judges’ high standard expectations, six of the game studios have successfully taken place in the top six list of the competition. Details of the six regional winners can be found below, with the top four winners to be announced soon:

  1. Open a Road.io, G-Kit (Japan)
  2. Grass Cut ASMR, NetMedia (China)
  3. Left Turn!, Sergii Nagin (America)
  4. Sling Birds 3D, Nazeer Ahmed (South Asia)
  5. Pusher 3D, 2 Star Games (Asia Pacific)
  6. Web Master, Dalak Games (Turkey)

Alexander Shea, Head of publishing at Voodoo, says:

The calibre of talent we continue to see in our competitions is inspiring, and greatly demonstrates the ceaseless creativity of international games developers. Through our competitions, we are proud to support the thriving hyper-casual games market,  allowing creative developers to turn their dreams into a reality.

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