Voodoo expands its partnership with Snapchat

Voodoo games
Voodoo rekorlarla dolu bir yıl geçirdi

Voodoo has decided to expand its partnership with Snap to bring five more games to the Snapchat platform.

Five new games will be coming to the platform

Only two of the five games that will come to the platform have been determined for now. Multiplayer Hole.io and Crowd City mobile games, which are among the hit games in the hyper-casual area, will come to the platform. As stated at Snap Partner Summit 2021, three more games will be added to the game catalog, with a total of five games coming to Snap Games.

Voodoo first brought the Aquapark IO game to Snap Games in late November 2020, and it has accumulated close to 45 million players on this platform alone. It is also thought that this number will increase this month and beyond. With these developments, it has once again demonstrated that it will be one of the most important partners of the popular hyper-casual publisher Snap Games.

More than 200 million users in 2 years!

Snap games were first released in April 2019. It has managed to acquire more than 200 million users since its launch. It is stated that more than 30 million Snapchat users play games on the platform every month. The app itself is located on one of every two phones in America, where it is the most popular and is used by 500 million users in total.

It is expected that the remaining three mobile games will be added to the platform in the coming period.

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