Voodoo showcases a record year of results

Voodoo games
Voodoo rekorlarla dolu bir yıl geçirdi

Voodoo has shared key results from 2020, which has been a highly successful milestone for the company.

Throughout 2020, Voodoo has continued to enjoy strong results, breaking company records, as they continue to deliver chart topping hits and seek to entertain the world. This year saw Voodoo hit 4.4 billion total downloads as the publisher reached over 100 games launched. Over 2 billion downloads were achieved within 2020 alone, averaging 300 million monthly active users engaging with Voodoo’s expansive range of titles.

The company also saw the most downloads of any mobile game company worldwide in February, and racked up 529 million downloads in Q3.

Voodoo also made major strides in terms of growth, opening new APAC offices in Japan and Singapore, as well as investing in Turkish game studio Fabrika. This growth reached its greatest peak when Tencent became a minority shareholder in the company in August, which this year has been valued at $1.4 billion.

Alexandre Yazdi, Co-founder and CEO of Voodoo said: “Voodoo has made incredible strides throughout 2020, thanks to our expert team and industry leading publishing platform that has combined to create a landmark year for us all. As Voodoo continues to expand, we are determined to achieve our ambition of entertaining the world, and will do so with our invaluable partnerships alongside our unending ambition to reinvent mobile games for the better. We eagerly anticipate unveiling our plans for 2021, which is set to be another recording breaking year.”

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