Vungle acquires influencer marketing platform JetFuel

The price of the deal is not yet known.
vungle jetfuel
Vungle acquires JetFuel

Vungle has acquired the influencer marketing platform JetFuel, though the price of the deal has yet to be disclosed. The deal appears to be Vungle’s fourth acquisition in the past seven months and the first since it acquired advertising company TreSensa in May.

The market keeps changing constantly

JetFuel allows app developers and other advertisers to scale their marketing campaigns through a network of more than 15,000 fully verified influencers with over 4 billion Instagram followers, 1.5 billion TikTok followers, and 100 million daily Snapchat views.

Advertisers can make deals with influencers to get them to sell merchandise to their followers. Although influencers are an effective option, they are also difficult to scale because it is not easy to deal with every single one of them.

This is where JetFuel comes in, as it creates a platform to help automate the process of reaching out to influencers. As Vungle continues to expand the reach of its mobile performance marketing platform, JetFuel makes it easier for Vungle to offer advertisers greater reach to acquire high-value users and target the Gen Z market, which has become more valuable with viral content from influencers.


Bondy said:

“This emerging and undeniably fast-growing influencer segment is growing and becoming more and more attractive. Our study found that every CEO of a gaming company we spoke to said they had some sort of influencer strategy, whether in the early stages or on a mature team. And this is directly linked to our relevance in the overall gaming industry. We started working with marketing and growth teams as a network. We then expanded to data teams through AlgoLift, then the game and product teams through GameRefinery, design teams through TreSensa, and now social teams through JetFuel.”

Besides that, JetFuel also provides tools for influencers to build their businesses. Bondy made the following statements:

“They empower the creative economy with quotes and suggestions on how to build their story so they can market products effectively. They may even offer financial products down the road. This really fuels its scalability and virality. There are many incentive factors for creators to bring in other creators. So there’s that snowball effect. We anticipate making very large investments in the growth of this business.”

Vungle’s place in the market

Vungle’s goal is to be a trusted guide for growth and engagement by changing the way people discover and experience apps. Mobile app and game developers partner with Vungle to monetize their apps through in-app ad experiences.

Advertisers rely on Vungle to reach, acquire and retain high-value users worldwide. Their data-optimized ads are running on more than one billion unique devices to drive engagement and increase returns for publishers and advertisers from independent studios to powerful brands including Rovio, Pandora, and Microsoft. Bondy said the JetFuel team will move into Vungle’s office when the timing is right.

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