Vungle’s acquisition of mobile advertising company TreSensa Technologies

Playable ads attract attention.
Vungle TreSensa
Vungle announced that it has acquired TreSansa Technologies.

Performance marketing company Vungle announced that it has acquired TreSensa Technologies, a successful mobile advertising company. The price for the acquisition has yet to be announced for the third purchase of San Francisco-based Vungle in the past six months, as uncertainty in mobile gaming has led to more deals being realized.

TreSensa was established in 2011.

New York-based TreSensa offers app developers a range of tools for major game and brand studios to make playable and fully customizable game ad engines through their cloud-based tools. At the same time, TreSensa specifically creates playable ads or helps viewers click on an ad and try a portion of the product in the ad. No coding skills are required to perform these operations, and TreSansa can quickly distribute them across multiple mobile distribution channels. TreSansa’s customers currently include game and application companies like Zynga, GSN, Electronic Arts, Etermax, Mag Interactive, Mars Petcare, and Kraft Foods Group.

This acquisition means Vungle is the only mobile performance marketing platform to cater to the entire app growth cycle. Combined with GameRefinery and AlgoLift, the Vungle platform offers customers a range of tools including game design and development, marketing, and measurement. The acquisition of TreSensa allows Vungle Creative Labs to unleash years of expertise through platform-based creative technology and deliver large-scale data analysis and recommendations.

Vungle CEO Jeremy Bondy says:

“Our vision is to be the only mobile performance marketing platform that addresses the entire application growth cycle. The acquisition of TreSensa with AlgoLift and GameRefinery accelerates this vision even further.”

In addition, Vungle customers will now have the ability to export successful creative work to work on all major platforms and channels.

The impact of IDFA changes for Vungle

Privacy comes first for Apple.

Apple has driven this change with the change to IDFA, which helps track users for ad targeting. Apple prioritizes privacy over ad targeting, so gaining users for private games like strategy becomes much more difficult.

Bondy said the following on the subject:

“Due to the deprecation of IDFA and changes in the way mobile ads are tracked, attributed, and targeted, the mobile advertising industry is currently relying on ads and especially how placements are relying on contextual signals to design creatives with greater relevance and greater resonance with audiences. Coupled with their Creative Intelligence insights, advertisers can leverage Vungle as an end-to-end goal to build, test, analyze and optimize for superior creative performance.”

Vungle wants to be a trusted guide to growth and engagement by changing the way people discover and experience apps. Mobile app and game developers partner with Vungle to monetize their apps through in-app ad experiences.

Advertisers rely on Vungle to reach high-value users around the world, acquire and retain audiences. Vungle’s data-optimized ads run on over a billion unique devices to drive engagement and increase returns for publishers and advertisers, from independent studios to powerful brands including Rovio, Pandora, and Microsoft.

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