We talked to Admix’ CEO Samuel Huber about In-Play ads

We talked about new revenue models for game companies and In-Play ads, which are advertising models for companies.

We spoke with Samuel Huber, CEO of Admix, about In-Play ads. We asked our questions about this advertising model, which allows brands that want to advertise on games to be directly included in the game.

It is an advertising model that can replace TV commercials.

The In-Play ad model that works on many different platforms brings together brands and games. In this system, which works as a direct integration in the game, even brands that do not know the game industry can easily create their advertisements and reach their audiences. This system, which we are used to seeing in PC games, can now be actually used in mobile games.

Stating that television commercials still have great power, Huber underlines that they still do not grow as fast as these digital ads. In addition, in terms of measurement, brands can obtain different data such as how many people viewed in-play ads. The platform also has its own control mechanism. With this system, different ads can be shown to each player. With the analysis of the users, the most suitable advertisement is selected and shown to them by artificial intelligence.

Our interview on the In-Play advertising model:

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