Web3 gaming studio InfiniGods launches its first game InfiniMerge

InfiniMerge offers players a new level per day based on mythology and ancient civilizations.
InfiniGods Logo with a drawing of Odin and a raven in the background

Blockchain gaming studio InfiniGods launched its first game InfiniMerge, a free-to-play merge game set in an ancient Greek landscape with a focus on building and adventure.

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InfiniGods’ first game, InfiniMerge, is a puzzle game inspired by the likes of Candy Crush, City Block, and Triple Town. The game offers players a new level to play per day based on mythology and ancient civilizations. 

Since coming out of beta, InfiniMerge has attracted more than 1,000 players with an impressive day-one retention rate above 40% percent and a day-7 retention rate of 10%. The InfiniGods team has observed much higher retention rates than similar puzzle games, with NFT holders, in particular, playing more often than non-NFT holders.

Co-Founder and CEO of InfiniGods Damon Gura said:

“Merge games are popular for their simple mechanics and straightforward progression, and InfiniMerge combines all this with Web3 elements like digital collectibles and play-to-own rewards.

“We believe that Web3 gaming will only reach its potential if games are fun and accessible, and that’s the objective we’ve sought to achieve with InfiniMerge.”

InfiniGods raised $9 million in a seed round that took place back in May 2022 and had Pantera Capital leading the investment round. Framework Ventures and Animoca Brands also invested in the innovative blockchain gaming studio.

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