Wemix unveils an upgraded Web3 ecosystem named “Wemix 3.0”

The Wemix 3.0 update adds Wemix Play, NILE, and Wemix DeFi to the platform.
Wemix, Wemix 3.0 a üç ana özellik ekledi.
Wemix wants to turn its current platform into a complete Web3 ecosystem.

South Korea-based Wemade subsidiary Wemix has updated its blockchain gaming platform. Wemix 3.0 launched with new features. The platform where players can earn money by trading NFT and playing games has been enriched with features such as Wemix Play, NILE, and Wemix DeFi.

Wemix Play will allow users to pay with crypto items earned from games. The new ‘launcher’ aims to ensure that users who want to pay with crypto assets within the ecosystem do not need another intermediary.

NILE (NFT Is Life Evolution) will be a decentralized community (DAO) of Wemix users. NILE will engage users more in their Wemix content and offer them many opportunities such as concerts, sporting events, and investments.

Wemix DeFi, on the other hand, will be a platform that provides users with financial services such as secure crypto investment, market analysis, auctions, staking programs, and crypto bonds within the ecosystem.

Wemix already has famous Web3 games such as MIR4, Rise of Stars, and CrpTornado in its portfolio. Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade, said in a statement on the subject:

“The upgrade to Wemix3.0 is just the latest example of how Wemix has established itself as one of the leading gaming platforms in the blockchain space. With Wemix3.0, we’re making it possible for users to do more with the tokens they earn, and it’s important that we continue finding new ways to empower members of the Wemix community.”

With Wemix 3.0, the platform is almost becoming a new Web3 gaming ecosystem. Three new main features added to the platform aim to offer all the services users need together. Thus, the Wemix library, which can be accessed from mobile and PC, is expected to reach more players.

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